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News & Politics / Re: In case you missed it
« Last post by JoJo on Today at 10:09:05 AM »
 I think Chuck You Shumer has a list of dirty tricks to play when ever President Trump has a winner not unlike the IOG report proving the Russian
Collusion investigation was fake. The democrats try to keep the news cycle away from President Trumps accomplishments. I wonder what they'll do if he gets the Noble Peace Prize?   
General Off Topic / Re: WOOBIES
« Last post by Nemo on Today at 07:54:26 AM »
Their landmark is in downtown NYC.  I dunno bout this bunch of yankees.

News & Politics / Re: In case you missed it
« Last post by JohnyMac on Today at 06:05:58 AM »
A few things on the 'made up drama of the day'.

I think the newest cry for "the children" is the way the Democrats are trying to change the narrative of...Great economy, NORKs talk, sticking a finger in the eye (s) of the NWO (New World Order) folks from the EU, and the OIG report.

While the Democrats claim there is no law or regulation that allows the government to take children away from illegal immigrants there is. Maybe they should check out the court ruling from the Flores Vs. Reno lawsuit in 1997. So this regulation has been in effect since 1997.

"The 1997 settlement agreement in Flores v. Reno set national standards for the treatment and placement of minors in what was then Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) custody. INS obligations under the agreement are now the responsibility of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Health and Human Servicesí Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). The agreement establishes minimum standards for initial detention and a policy favoring release of minors. It also requires that children who remain in federal custody be placed in the least restrictive environment and mandates provision of information, treatment and services."
National Center for Youth Law

Then lets look at a recent May 30, 2018 article published by Newsweek that the height of detained children was in 2013. At that time there was ~25,000 children being detained by the ORR.Oh and that was during the Obama administration.

It's all noise. The noise we always hear leading up to a mid-term election. The mantra is always "The Republicans are taking enter drama here from enter group here".

      Drama                                Group
> food                                 > Children
> health care                        > Seniors
> contraception                    > Women
> health care                        > LBGT
> Et Cetrea                          > Et Cetra

Help a brother prepper out / Re: Medical Comments
« Last post by JoJo on Today at 06:03:28 AM »
 @Kbop thanks, I knew about sulfa but didn't know it was OTC.
Gear Review / Re: Matador Gear
« Last post by Kbop on Today at 05:47:17 AM »
having worked construction in my younger days - my favorite ground cloth has, for years, been a piece of tyvek.  relatively tough, light, cheap and easily replaced.  its windproof and water resistant.
a standard roll of tyvek is 9' wide and can be cut with scissors.  find a home constructions site when they are weather-tight-ing a home and just ask for the scraps- they typically toss them into the trash - craigs list works too. 
it is also called 'house wrap'.

Trench Humor / Re: Coma
« Last post by Kbop on Today at 05:15:19 AM »
 :facepalm: :lmfao:
Help a brother prepper out / Re: Medical Comments
« Last post by Kbop on Today at 05:11:26 AM »
@JoJo you can also get sulfa's for topical wound treatment- the are OTC.
D.I.Y. / Re: I am Foul...
« Last post by JohnyMac on Today at 04:54:08 AM »
Yupper Jackalope. Will have to wait though till I get my NFA Stamp in December or so.
Gear Review / Re: Matador Gear
« Last post by Jackalope on Today at 03:46:24 AM »
   I received one of the Matador "blankets".  They ship very quickly.  The blanket material is very thin and light.  It's definitely smaller than most blankets.  It would provide some protection from moisture and wind, but a piece of polyethylene plastic could do the same thing, at a much cheaper price.  I did throw it into my everyday carry, bugout bag, just because the weight is negligible.

    An additional use would be as a ground cloth when prone shooting. 

    I'd like to get one of those thermal tarps, which give some shielding from thermal scopes/FLIR, but the prices are prohibitive.  I need to convince my wife to construct one.
General Off Topic / Re: WOOBIES
« Last post by gadget99 on Today at 12:11:42 AM »

Behold! I give you the WOOBIE HOODIE!!!! :fuckYeah: :fuckYeah: :fuckYeah:

Cool find.......
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