Author Topic: Go Bags/Mission Bags And You !!! **CONTEST ENTRY**  (Read 2178 times)

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Go Bags/Mission Bags And You !!! **CONTEST ENTRY**
« on: August 30, 2011, 12:36:47 PM »
This post is going to be a reference Tool, both for me and anyone that is like me. I.E. you cant stay at home if WROL happens. This Post will not discuss Physical fitness or lack there of.. I will try to keep  the Guns & Ammo stuff  to a minimum.

When you are making a GO bag, there are things that are very obvious that need to go in there: food, water, cloths, medical gear and ammo...that is a very basic cut and dry amount of things you need and the last thing you want is to draw attention to yourself. Most people can spot what mollie looks like, As my brother  in-law says" its that military shit right?"... he is a half brain dead moron that would try to breath under water. ( no offence to the half brain dead morons out there).

This section will cover :

Go Bags and how to pick your bag.

what needs to be in it. ( Based on your A.O )

How may bags you need to bring with you


Go Bag.

As I stated before, that last thing you should get is some mollie 3 day bag in coyote tan that makes you look like a tactical operator, when your ass may very well have never left the city. stick with black, most of everyone has a black backpack, you can pick them up at any walmart or Mijers( depending on where you are in the country) for less then 15 bucks. or if you have some money go to Big 5 or any sporting goods store. quality  means a lot, but you can work around it if you have to.... you can get fishing line and stich the major wear points to reinforce them. Make sure you get ones that have comfortable straps, at least four major pockets ( due to storage size) and strong zippers. also i recommend getting velcro straps( in case the zipper breaks, the velcro can make sure it stays closed

What needs to be in it. ( Based on your A.O )

We touched on this a bit in my intro. cloths, food, medical gear, water and ammo. that is down and dirty, not anything more, that is not the only things in my Go bag....some of you may only want porn, kool-aid and a rubber ducky. i am not an expert in this. this is just what i found.
My A.O. is a semi rural Mid west area( Michigan). around me are lakes, streams, plenty of farms and wildlife.  so based on that my Go Bag will be very different then that of someone in Utah or Nevada.

When setting up a go bag the man thing you have to remember is that you have a very limited area of space to use. So if you can store your extra stuff at the place you will be retreating to, i would recommend it . The list of things i have in my go bag are

4 pairs of boot socks
2 full changes of cloths
2 extra pairs of Boxers
2 swimming trunks.
3 days worth of food( per-person in my family 3000 calories a day)
Water filter ( cause there are so many lakes and streams around here, its better then carting around bottles of water).
2 16oz water bottles( hanging on the sides of the pack.
My Go Medical Kit. ( different then my home base medical kit)
300 rounds of ammo ( per weapon, loaded into mags or pouches)
75 feet of rope
zip ties
Leatermen ( multi-tool)
KBAR Fighting knife.
lighters and fire starters.
2 crank powered flashlights.
Hygiene Kit.....Foot powder is a MUST

This most of the stuff in my bag, there are shortcuts to little things that i will get into later but all of this fits into my back pack that i bought at Walmart. it has been on countless hikes, it has gone threw the Narrows in Utah. i have had to drop it over the sides of cliffs, other then being reinforced it has handled itself very well. AND I DONT STICK OUT!!!

How may bags you need to bring with you ?

a good rule of thumb is one bag per person. I have a Family of three(Me, My wife and our daughter). toddlers and babies are hard to pack for in normal day life let alone an WROL event. I have 3 bags total in or go bags. 1 for my wife and i each and a Black gym bag. ( nothing sticks out, we look like normal people. ) in the black gym bag we have a baby friendly medical kit, dipers and wipes 8 changes of cloths and more food( for all of us) as well as some odds, ends and things i dont want to tell you  ;).... there is nothing high speed or tactical about this. that is half the point to being safe, the more you blend, the better off you are...the point is to get to a place you feel is safe  and that brings me to my next point.


Where are you going?

What are you gona do when you get there?

What are the chances of threat from here to there?

Are there alot of possible problem areas between here and there?

How far away is it? (Mine is 15 miles away threw forest)

these are things you need to ask yourself and try your best to plan ahead for.

Mission Bags.

Now this is where i'm gonna be putting on my tin foil hat. god forbid we ever get invaded or some forum of martial law is in effect. any kind of known enemy WROL type situation. you will need a mission bag.

even if you are not fighting, you will need a defencive bag.

 i dont know if you as the reader have a vest or are using your pockets of your jeans to stick shells in. you will need a bag. this bag would be alot lighter then your Go bag( duh!). the things need most are ammo, food and water. no mater what it is always good to have at least 1 days worth of food( you never know how long you maybe gone). water was covered above.

Ammo, as it has been said before, "there is never enough ammo". this is far from true. i CAN carry 5,000 rounds in mags. but  my dead grandmother could catch me ( no zombie jokes )you would not be fast enough to move around. this is a forum of personal preference and mission specific. the best thing i could say is load up and go to the range. see how fast you can be with your load out and adjust from there. ....

flares. i have seen a few of you that carry them,as it has been said it can be used as a distraction to make a retreat or it can blind a motherfucker so you can get the drop on him/them. i knew an ex coworker that carried a road flare as a forum of rape protection( she did not believe in guns )....its a good idea to have it just in case.

if you have any questions. just post them and ill help sort them out
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Re: Go Bags/Mission Bags And You !!! **CONTEST ENTRY**
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2011, 07:03:10 PM »
Dunno how I missed this thread. I'll post up something more in depth tomorrow.


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Re: Go Bags/Mission Bags And You !!! **CONTEST ENTRY**
« Reply #2 on: November 24, 2011, 12:57:38 AM »
I came upon this article and I must admit it was something I had not thought of. 

Here's the intro and it's a really good article.

Natural and man made disasters can force offices full of workers to evacuate. In big cities a disaster may also affect public transportation. In an emergency, you may be on your own and forced to improvise. Here's how to create an Urban Emergency Evacuation Kit that you should store at work in the event of an emergency to keep you safe and prepared.
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Re: Go Bags/Mission Bags And You !!! **CONTEST ENTRY**
« Reply #3 on: November 24, 2011, 04:41:25 PM »
how i missed this idk
but its a great thread

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