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Hmmmmmm……. I looked at that radio by way of the link and it appears to be about as good as it gets as far as price and encryption. To stay legal, I'd not use the encryption unless you were in a World Without Rule Of Law situation (ie. SHTF). Don't let the words, "Type Accepted" concern you. Type Accepted is the FCC's control over SALES of radios, not USE of radios. The Rules control the use. A Ham can build a radio from scratch and it will not be a Type Accepted radio and they can use it as long as it meets the operating rules requirements.

Now, for some advice: Using Encryption will mask the message but it won't mask direction finders. As soon as the carrier comes up, BAM!!! The direction finder computer can pinpoint the source in less than one second. I wouldn't bother with encryption.
Health / Re: Virus
« Last post by Jackalope on Today at 08:13:30 PM »
    Supply shortages due to the virus are beginning to appear in pharmacies.  My spouse talked with a friend that's a pharmacist, and she said shortages are definitely occurring and they have no idea when or if they'll be restocked.  So... what's going to happen to all those folks that are on psychiatric meds?  Imagine thousands of violent schizophrenic patients suddenly going cold turkey.

    Once the virus gets going full steam, I imagine many of our first responders and their families may be incapacitated.  So police and fire departments will be under staffed.  Mix in violent crazies, or addicts looking for a way to get high and we'll have a deadly mess indeed.   

75 dollars gets you cheap encryption

Any chance this radio is FCC approved?

    I searched the FCC database, and it doesn't appear to be compliant.  I also checked in the Retivis' RT87 manual, and it's not noted there either.  Scrambling/encryption isn't permitted on amateur frequencies, so it wouldn't be legally permitted on the ham bands.  It looks like an interesting radio, though users note that the manual sucks.
Radio / Re: QYT KT8900R Tri-Band radio
« Last post by pkveazey on Today at 12:55:05 PM »
Well, I took all the necessary tools and the new QYT radio out and installed it in the car. That 5 minute job took about 30 minutes because I had to remove the 8 watt HT before I started. Then the aftermarket console was filthy and I had to bring it in the house and wash it. Then I was able to screw the bracket to the console and adjust the angle. Did I mention that I was so clumsy I dropped the screws at least 10 times during the installation? Anyway, I tried a few on the air checks and it worked fine.
Radio / QYT KT8900R Tri-Band radio
« Last post by pkveazey on February 27, 2020, 09:22:39 PM »
One of my QYT Tri-Band radios dropped in power down to 2 watts. I have a spare stored away and covered in Aluminum Foil. I ordered a replacement so I wouldn't have to use my spare(backup). It showed up today and I programmed it. Hmmmmmm…. For some reason, I couldn't access the Settings Menu in the program when I programmed all the others. Today, I had no problem accessing the Settings Menu. Wow, there are settings in there for things that I don't even know what they do. I might try reprogramming my other units and maybe I'll be able to get those to also recognize the Settings menu. The KT 8900R is only 25 watts but it also is only $80.
Sustenance / Re: Worth Noting Again
« Last post by Jackalope on February 27, 2020, 09:16:53 PM »
    You can also order on-line too.  Their shipping rates are very reasonable, and from my experience, they ship fast.
General Off Topic / Re: Plan A, Plan B, Plan C
« Last post by pkveazey on February 27, 2020, 09:07:46 PM »
I feel your pain. I too am to old to bug out and also have a plan "A" and no plan "B".
 This virus has caused me to rethink what is most important to acquire other than stores but extra food is always needed. Do you have any ideas?   

Just about every Prepper I know has a really decent First Aid Kit. Well, that's all well and good but not having all the possible medicines for every possible problem is a disaster waiting to happen. I even have Bio-Hazard suits and masks and goggles. I would suggest that every prepper should have at least one Bio-Hazard suit for each household member. The suits are about $10 each if you shop wisely. I've also loaded up on as much 90% Alcohol and 3% Hydrogen Peroxide as I can. Alcohol above 70% is burnable as fuel, so it serves two purposes.
General Off Topic / Re: Plan A, Plan B, Plan C
« Last post by Kbop on February 27, 2020, 07:44:09 PM »
I'll throw my hat into this  ring too.
I have a bugout plan - but i can't walk it anymore.  So if there's time and I can, i'll drive.  If not, i have a couple of bicycles w/toddler trailers attached to carry the gear.

so i have a plan A and plan B is a crap shoot.
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