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After Getting All of Pope Francis's Luggage Loaded into the Limo at the Airport, (And He Doesn't. .  Travel Light), the Driver Notices
the Pope Is Still Standing on the Curb.
"Excuse Me, Your Holiness," Says the Driver, "Would You Please Take Your Seat So We Can Leave?"
"Well, to Tell You the Truth," Says the Pope, "They Never Let Me Drive at the Vatican , and I'd Really like to Drive Today."
"I'm Sorry, Your Holiness, but I Cannot Let You Do That. I'd Lose My Job!   What If Something Should Happen?" Protests the Driver,
Wishing He'd Never Gone to Work That Morning.
"Who's Going to Tell?" Asks the Pope with a Smile.
Reluctantly, the Driver Gets into the Back as the Pope Climbs in Behind the Wheel.
The Driver Quickly Regrets His Decision When, after Exiting the Airport, the Pontiff Floors It, Accelerating the Limo to 130 Mph. 
(Remember, the Pope Is Argentinean, and Fangio, the Famous Racer, Was Argentinean.)
"Please Slow Down, Your Holiness," Pleads the Worried Driver, but the Pope Keeps the Pedal to the Metal until They Hear Sirens.
"Oh, Dear God, I'm Going to Lose My License -- and My Job!"  Moans the Driver.
The Pope Pulls over and Rolls down the Window as the Cop Approaches;  but the Cop Takes One Look at Him, Goes Back to His Motorcycle,
and Gets on the Radio.
"I Need to Talk to the Chief,"  He Says to the Dispatcher.
The Chief Gets on the Radio and the Cop Tells Him That He's Stopped a Limo Going 130 Mph.
"So Bust Him,"  Says the Chief.
"I Don't Think We Want to Do That.  He's Really Important," Said the Cop.
The Chief Exclaimed, "All the More Reason!"
"No, I Mean Really Important," Said the Cop with a Bit of Persistence.
The Chief Then Asked,   "Who Do You Have There, the Mayor?"
Cop:   "Bigger."
Chief:   "A Senator?"
Cop:   "Bigger."
Chief:  "The President?"
Cop:  "Bigger."
"Well," Said the Chief, "Who Is It?"
Cop:   "I Think It's GOD!?
The Chief Is Even More Puzzled and Curious,  "What Makes You Think It's God?"
Cop:"His Chauffeur Is the Pope!"
"Political correctness is a doctrine,
fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and
rabidly promoted by an
unscrupulous mainstream media,
which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible
to pick up a turd by the clean end."

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Re: The POPE
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Defund both the Democrats and Republicans to stop their collusion with the Insurance companies!

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Re: The POPE
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"Blackouts are God's way of saying, 'Don't worry 'bout it".

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Re: The POPE
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Thats a good one!

If you need a second magazine, its time to call in air support.

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