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Title: New HAM...
Post by: mfitzy111 on June 19, 2019, 10:46:35 AM
So here is a question, (I recently (March and May) passed both technician and general HAM tests) and I'm trying to find an HF rig for my truck ...
What I found is an Anytone AT-6666 running 60W, what I'm wondering is will 10m HAM radio reach out to one friend 10 miles away? And a second 30?

The friend 30 miles out is a tech HAM, the close friend hasn't got his ticket yet.

What would you guys suggest for a rig that will reach?

Pm/post or email me. As I'm interested and committed to setting up a local net with friends ASAP.
Title: Re: New HAM...
Post by: Jackalope on June 19, 2019, 02:09:25 PM
   It depends upon multiple factors, i.e., terrain, antennas, etc.  Can you talk to them on 11 meters?  10 meters is going to have similar propagation.  You may be able to communicate directly on 2 meters, but again, it's dependent upon terrain, antennas.

   The AT-6666 didn't get extremely good reviews on Amazon, plus it's a lot of money for a single band radio.  I've got a Stryker SR-94HPC that I use on long trips, in addition to an Icom IC-V8000 and an Icom IC-7100.  The Stryker is similar to the Anytone, but at half the cost. The Icom IC-7100 gives me HF/VHF/UHF all in one package at a reasonable price.  The Yaesu FT-991a has similar capabilities.  Are there VHF/UHF repeaters in your area? 

    In any case, congratulations on getting your license.  Part of the joy of amateur radio is experimentation, so you'll experience that in finding the best band to communicate with your friends.  Oh yeah, you're better off spending money on antennas, rather than more powerful radios.  Welcome to the group!
Title: Re: New HAM...
Post by: Nemo on June 19, 2019, 03:59:56 PM
OK, reading this question and answer just caused my head to explode.

Will these radios go 30 miles and maybe or not.  Yet around here people are routinely discussing talking several hundred miles on ham radios.

I must stop reading this stuff.  Don't try to answer this or explain it because you will cause more of me to explode and soon I will be all in slimy puddle of goo.

Title: Re: New HAM...
Post by: JohnyMac on June 19, 2019, 05:11:31 PM

Radio waves DO NOT necessarily go in a straight line with maybe 2-meter and higher (VHF & UHF). Radio waves bounce off the ionosphere and then come back to earth hundreds of miles away depending on the frequency and angle of the frequency being used. That is why a NVIS antenna is used for short skips. Check out the image below.


mfitzy111 congratulations on getting your General Ticket!  :cheers:

Jackalope is right on with his comments. I would add the following...

Why do you want to use a Mobil HF rig?
What kind of terrain makes up your AO? Mountainous? Flat? Etc
If your AO has VHF/UHF repeaters why wound't you use those? If the repeater is high enough, lets say 2,000 ft above sea level, you can communicate easily 30-miles from your vehicle to the repeater and then from the repeater to the person you are trying to have a QSO with.

Give us some more info if you could.

Last, please make sure you go to the introductions board and introduce yourself to the group.

Title: Re: New HAM...
Post by: special-k on June 19, 2019, 06:53:48 PM
Is your 30 mile friend mobile or base? 
If base, what kind of antenna is he using: stick, beam (horizontal?/vertical?), or other? 
What is the height of his antenna base from ground? 
Title: Re: New HAM...
Post by: Nemo on June 19, 2019, 06:54:16 PM


Title: Re: New HAM...
Post by: bennington.camper on June 19, 2019, 07:31:27 PM
Congratulations on getting your ticket!
I have a couple of Yaesu FT-857D radios that I am very happy with. One is mounted in my work van and besides 2m/70cm, I have a quick mount on the rear door for a few hamsticks I carry around. They work well.
The second one I use as a portable setup, and I just got setup on digital with it.
My home station is an Icom 706MkIIG with the AT-180 tuner and an end fed half wave dipole. I just got it up on digital with a SignaLink this week and have been making contacts there. It is in a chassis off ebay and also mounts a dual band mobile, RigRunner, the SignaLink, a PowerGate and CI-V interface as well as a DC voltage booster in a fairly compact and portable package. Ageing, but gracefully.
Welcome to the hobby!!