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« on: November 06, 2017, 11:41:05 PM »
Also could be of interest.  PM me with and email addy and I will forward the ad to you.


Swedish Military Antenna Sets!
Read the text for details.
These antennas are came on the market exactly once, about 10 years ago- and then they were gone. As a ham radio operator myself (W4WTF) I kept one and love it and was always looking for more but they have never come available again. Cleaning the warehouse we found 3 more from when we had them before.

These antennas are a discone type antenna on steroids. The specs for them say they are designed for 30-78mhz because that is the standard military VHF-Low range, but testing on the one I kept for my own use showed an SWR of less than 3:1 from 25mhz to over 160mhz in my installation, being a discone they are very broad banded. You can change the number and length of the elements to adjust the frequency range as they screw into each other. I have run them with a tuner down to the 40m band during field day before and was surprised how well it did.

These kits have a 33+ foot tall mast, the antenna center hub, guy wires, stakes, and coax- everything you need. It all comes in a storage case that has a shoulder strap. Under 40 pounds for all this makes it a great portable unit. You can set them up quickly with one or two people.

Only 3 are available. Not available on the website, to order one respond to this email with your address for a shipping quote.

$375 each

Note in this last picture we did not have all the mast sections installed, there are 3 more at the bottom that can make it even taller.

Once again, there are only 3 of these available. They are not on the website, respond to this email to get a shipping cost quote or claim one and we will complete the order. Do not call- we are doing this email only to ensure the first people who respond get them fairly.

If you need a second magazine, its time to call in air support.

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Re: Equipment?
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2017, 03:55:13 AM »
Nice.  they have some good tech.  here are my two - out of the box - favorites.  They don't have masts with the kit though. 

My fav portable discone is the flex master by RRT.  check EBAY, surplus and ham sources.

for shop use i use the chevy of discones the diamond J.  They're durable and work well.  The low band is tunable so you can adjust the VSWR.

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