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« on: June 11, 2020, 09:36:24 PM »
    This week my wife and I have ventured out more than we have during the past four months.  On Monday, I visited one of our local gun stores, and I was surprised by the lack of inventory.  Typically, they have 20-30 used handguns, and 40-50 new handguns on display.  When I went in on Monday they had 4-5 used guns and 6-7 new handguns.  They had maybe a third of their normal long gun inventory, and no AR's or Glocks available.  I was hoping to buy a box or two of subsonic .22LR ammo, but their .22 ammo inventory was very limited.

     Today we visited our local Rural King, which is like a Tractor Supply store on steroids.  They sell guns and ammo too, and their ammo supply was wiped out too.  No 9mm ammo on the shelves, and very limited .22LR.  Most of their ammo shelves were empty.  We went there specifically looking for fence posts, and there were none in stock.  There wasn't any fencing available at all! 

      So supply lines are getting tight.  I've read reports that amateur radio retail stores are also having difficulty obtaining stock too.  If you have any items on your shopping lists, I would suggest making your purchases as soon as possible.  I imagine that by the end of July we will see many more gaps in supplies.  Civil unrest will cause interruptions at distribution centers located in urban areas.  The fallout from the Chinese Flu has interrupted deliveries, as Chinese manufacturing still hasn't fully recovered.  If you really need something, source it now!

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Re: Shortages
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